Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thomas Dudgeon - Welcome to his Artistic Adventures

Thomas Dudgeon was my Great-Great-Grandfather, b. January 06, 1805,  d. October 14, 1880, and was the father of Ellen Stella Fawcett Douglas Dudgeon, my Great-Grandmother b.February 03, 1865, in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland, d. September 25, 1954 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

This blog has been a work in progress for a long time as my husband, Neil, an active genealogist, and inspired by my Mother, Hope Davison, and my Great Great Grandmothers story, has passionately researched Thomas Dudgeon's life and artistic achievements, of which there were many. My Mum, was raised by her Granny, as she was known to all, and grew up listening to family stories. It is essentially a family history or genealogical record for the DeLandelles family, inspired by the reminiscences of Ellen Stella Fawcett Douglas Dudgeon (Granny).

This quest for genealogical information relating to Thomas and his ancestors has given Neil and I an interesting focus and direction during our overseas trips, to Scotland in particular.

Because of the wealth of information now available, I have decided to start a blog, which will assist with organising the information, and hopefully lead to publishing an e-book for the family, historians and other interested readers.

Welcome to the first  Artistic Adventures of Thomas Dudgeon Blog Post.


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